Discipline One

Domestic Discipline Spanking Spare the Rod, Spoil the Girl Vintage and Modern Spanking Spanking positions Belt Paddle Switch Tawse

She always promises but a week later its "I don't know, it just happened!" 

Proper ladies shouldn't sass and use obscenity. 

Solway’s decided to give me the cane.

He gets the pleasure and I get the pain

Solway will tell me to take off my skirt,

To take down my knickers and lift up my shirt

Solway will say ‘Now bend over the chair,

With your arms on the seat and your bum in the air.’

Solway pretends it’s part of the drill,

But the sight of my bottom will give him a thrill

Solway delays for as long as he can.

Keeping me waiting is part of his plan

Solway will tell me to keep very still.

He knows that I can’t but it adds to his thrill

Solway’s a sod and a sadist as well.

He canes me very slowly and it stings me like hell

Solway will smile as he tells me to go,

Hoping the bulge in his trousers won’t show

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